Sunday 29 September 2013

fall garden

I snapped a few pictures of my garden a few days ago before the rains arrived...  The weather forecast says we won't see the sun for another 4 days, I guess fall has arrived on the rainy westcoast!

I have a few young apple trees, by far the best producer this year was my Honeycrisp tree; the apples were giant and tasted great.
 My dahlias are still blooming strong although the rain will probably knock lots of the blooms over.

 A tuberous begonia that I left in the garden and it came back on its own from last year.
 Fall crocus.  I thought I had dug them all up from my front border and moved to my back but apparently I missed a few.
I planted this pineapple sage in the summer and it is growing like crazy, I love the chartreuse colour of the leaves.  Apparently it makes good tea, I have yet to try it.
 Asters in bloom.
Scarlet runner beans that I planted in August, they are blooming but I'm not sure if they will produce with the cooler temperatures and rain.
With the pouring rain outside, I guess I really have no excuse not to clean my messy house!

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  1. I think I might need some of your pineapple sage, do you think we could divide it?