Sunday 21 June 2015

Changes and a few projects

Life has been a little busy lately..... our baby girl was supposed to arrive April 12 but she decided she was going to be fashionably late.  This left time for her crazy parents to go look at houses, one of which we decided to buy!  So in the span of a couple weeks we bought a new house, sold our house and had a new baby join the mix.  We are now counting down the days until we get to move into our new house but before talking details of the new place I thought I would share a few projects around the old place that I've never posted about before.

Sundeck planters:
Our current house is on a corner lot and our sundeck faces the ominous side of  blue vinyl of the neighbours house.  I designed some patio planters that HH built to distract from the big blue wall. 
The planters are constructed of marine grade plywood and cedar. They are a few years old and have held up pretty well.  The cedar trim around the base has been replaced as they previously had mitred corners that split apart and were quite sharp now they have butt joints.

Sidewallk to the frontdoor:
Last year we dug out more sod and dirt for a paver walkway leading to the front door.  We compacted approximately 4 inches of stone crusher dust and added the pavers.  We filled in the gaps with pea gravel. Pea gravel is a bad choice if you have children.  They love to play with the pea gravel so it ends up on the pavers and driveway and as part of rock collections in pockets. I'm all for making yards kid friendly but this was not intended to be part of the play scape and is really annoying to step on rogue rocks in your bare feet. 
I was planning on building a short modern cedar fence along the paver pathway to provide a little more privacy in the yard and to prevent slow kids down from running on to the driveway/roadway but that is one project that is not going to be realized!

Our latest project:
Our baby girl born April 22, 10 days late.