Sunday 14 December 2014

Euphorbia Christmas Wreath

Today was a clear and lovely December day.  Earlier in the week I had picked up fallen evergreens left behind from the previous night's storm. While walking home from my daughter's school I used my son's stroller as a method of transporting all the greenery. I guess my pile of storm refuge on top of stroller looked a bit odd and I was teased by one neighbour on my way home.  I decided to make use of my windfall of evergreens to make the base for my wreath.  While constructing the  wreath I decided it  needed something more then the usual evergreens and I spotted some euphorbias in the front garden that still looked fresh and had a nice bluish hue in their green.  This particular Euphorbia is a herbaceous perennial, meaning a plant that comes back every year and usually has finished and rotted to the ground come winter time. It also usually drips a lot of  sticky white sap when cut, however, it seems at this time of year there is not much sap left to contend with, not that it would have stopped me anyway.

Below you can see the plant lowest in the picture is the euphorbia going strong beneath my evergreen magnolia.

Below is a picture of the finished wreath and my newly painted red door, BTW the red  is a Benjamin Moore "Canada Post Red".
Below is a close-up pic of my Euphorbia Christmas Wreath.  I like that it is natural looking, as if the euphorbia has grown out of the wreath.
Well I may not have my Christmas shopping, baking or cleaning done but I do have a Euphorbia Wreath hanging from my red door.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!