Tuesday 24 September 2013

Lauren's planting fall bulbs

Autumn is my favourite season to garden.  The garden is giving its last grand finale with Dahlias going strong, apples and pears to harvest and the trees of course turning colour.  It is also time to start tidying up, moving/dividing plants around and planting spring bulbs.  Planting spring bulbs is an annual event for my daughter and I.  It was one of the very first things she helped me plant when we first moved into our suburban home, she had just turned 2 at the time.  Bulbs are great for children as they are big hardy easy to manipulate objects that are simply placed in the ground.  The concept that they will turn into flowers in the spring is beyond a 2 or 3 year olds grasp but when spring arrives and the tulips emerge they are amazed and proud when reminded that THEY planted these flowers.  My 7 year old is now able to dig and place the bulbs with very little assistance.  We're trying out a few new bulbs this year instead of the usual dafs and tulips and I've got plans for the school garden and kindergarten's to "help" me with some more bulb planting this year.

Here's a selection of what hopped into my cart, kale and cabbage will be planted in the school garden as well.

Daughter hard at work once the sun came out in the afternoon.
A fun place to browse for some great bulbs is from this local online supplier:
I'm tempted to buy this weeks Botanus special but am trying to reign in my garden spending.  I tried allium's last year and found they were the first to arrive in the spring making tall spikes topped with Dr. Seus pom poms that were rather cool!

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