Sunday 15 September 2013

Harvest Fest

To celebrate all good things from the garden and our local farms Shannon decided to host "Harvest Fest" in  her yard last weekend.  Everyone chipped in to bring food made from local ingredients - so many wonderful dishes that I'm afraid if I listed them all I might forget one.  Needless to say the amazing food and drink just kept coming while we all basked in the September afternoon sun. The kids occupied themselves the whole time and might even have eaten some vegetables.

HH made the sign.  He put a "shout out" to DDS (dirt digging sisters).  It was fun having people guess what DDS actually stood for.

Yes, that is a local organic sustainably brewed beer in the foreground.


The hosts sit down for a moment and enjoy the fruits of their labours.  It was a great afternoon - thanks to all who came.

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