Friday 4 October 2013

20 minutes between fall down pours in Lauren's yard

So nap time happened to coincide with a  short rain free period  and I managed to take a few pics of what's happening as things wind down in my yard.

We grew these mini pumpkins ourselves.  I think they came from pumpkin's that were put in the compost last year.

Nine bark shrub was given to me as a shower gift when my baby b. was born.  Baby and shrub are both thriving.

 I love the ornamental grasses this time of year, these are Japanese blood grass and a miscanthus swaying in the winds brining in the next storm.

This is the beginning of a long neglected under the deck project, stay tuned to see how the "pit of despair" turns out.

Cauliflower has finished up but the New Zealand spinach in the foreground needs to harvested before the first frost.

Mystery squash or pumpkin (also likely from compost seeds), may have naturally cross pollinated with other squash.  You can see asparagus fronds draping over.  This is my asparaguses first year - apparently only a few more years to wait until we'll get to harvest asparagus.

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