Saturday 26 October 2013

pumpkin harvest and garlic planting

This past weekend, my brother's family, my sister's gang and my motley crew all met up at our parents place to harvest the pumpkins, plant next years crop of garlic and chop fire wood.  The pumpkin vines had grown rambunctiously across the entire garden but only produced three giant pumpkins.


Once the photo shoot of the pumpkins and cute cousins was done, we pulled out the vines and weeds and added some compost.  Dad started to rototill the garden but was interrupted by running out of gas and instead of driving 10 minutes to the closest gas station decided to remedy this by siphoning gas out of the car.

Rototilling complete, we planted four types of garlic: red Russian, white porcelain, a Spanish variety, and a soft neck variety mom had picked up in Montreal. 
Here are  few other random shots of the day:

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  1. How many tractors does one man need???