Tuesday 5 November 2013

Seed sharing shout out

I recently received this email from my Aunt.  It reminded me that Shannon and I are not the first dirt digging sisters.  Auntie E. wished for and received a Kubota tractor for her 50th birthday.  Here is my Aunt's email made public:

Every year, in an attempt to have a wide variety of things in my veggy garden I buy too many seeds that I don't use. I am looking for people with a similar problem to share their excesses and also try some different varieties to come ripe at slightly different times. If you know of such people, please let me know.

The Dirty Auntie
This year I'm drying out and saving seeds from my own harvest so I have bachelor button seeds (a cute blue annual flower), marigold and pumpkin to share. I happen to know Shannon has an abundance of white sweat peas.   These seeds might be hybrid which means they could produce recessives or plants without the same growth as the original.  My mother in law just gave me Portuguese beans that she saves from year to year and grow amazingly well. They must be heirloom seeds in order to produce the same great plant down the line.  I wonder if gardening is a dominant trait?
If you would like to trade seeds and are interested in any seeds mentioned please leave a comment with your email on this post.


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