Monday, 12 August 2013

Garden Relic Score

I am not one for knick knacks and ornaments galore in my garden.  I prefer the most tacky element in my garden to be me, which might explain the rubber boots and shorts ensemble that has shocked passerbys.  However, I was recently inspired after touring my friends garden at to bring an object with some kind of past life into the garden to add a little interest or whimsy.  Michael and Robbi have curated old objects of all kinds that have worked their way into niches throughout the garden on their urban yard turned plant nursery. 

Though sometimes I can be rather obsessive about my next plant or garden element (I'm currently harassing a local nursery to bring in orange exhinacea) I was rather zen about finding something rusty for the garden.  Indeed, the one and only garage sale I've been to this year hosted by my mother in law, brought me to a decrepit little ladder that was free.  You can see below I painted it with some blue paint which I watered down to allow the old ladder patina to show through.  I plunked it in my front side garden and draped the pumpkin vine through the ladder.  I hope to be able to post a fall photo with a nice fat pumpkin growing on top.

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