Friday 26 July 2013

an alien in my garden aka kholrabi

Last fall, my organic master gardener class visited a local backyard gardener who had an impressive vegetable garden. He was growing Kohlrabi and he mentioned it was a good substitute for cabbage and you could share the leaves with pests and they would leave the bulbous part that you eat alone. Since I do get tired of seeing my cabbage patch being ravaged by cabbage moth caterpillars and can only handle squishing so many of the green guys, I planted Kohlrabi this spring.  I choose Kolibri Kohlrabi from Westcoast seeds. 
They have grown great and so far have been left alone by the cabbage moth.  We have eaten it grated in coleslaw which was pretty good but next time I will squeeze out some of the moisture after its grated so it’s not so watery.  I also cut them up in large match stick pieces, added a little lime and fresh cilantro and put it to our fish tacos instead of the usual cabbage - this added a nice crunch and kick to the tacos.  I find the flavour to be a cross between cabbage/broccoli and radish.  Anybody have any good Kohlrabi recipes they want to pass my way?

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