Friday 21 June 2013

a jungle of sweet peas

Ever since I inherited my black chain link fence with the house, I have been working hard to disguise enhance it.  One of my annual plantings over the last few years has been sweet peas.  I normally plant them along the fence so they use chain link as a trellis.

Last summer I allowed some of the flowers to go to seed that I intended to harvest for planting this year but before I had a chance to collect them the pods released the seeds onto the soil and the new plants started to grow in late fall.  They overwintered and started growing strong in the spring so I already have an abundance of sweet peas scenting my garden.  Since it was nature doing the planting, the plants are strewn about the garden creating a sweet pea jungle instead of tidily along the fence.  I’m kind of enjoying the jungle!



 Somehow this pink guy got in the mix of white.

Nothing beats the smell of  fresh sweet peas brought inside!




  1. Hi Shannon, what variety of seed were the original white sweat peas? Are they heirloom?
    If anyone local is getting married in the next couple weeks and likes sweat peas - let me know and I'll go raid Shannon's front garden and make you a lovely bouquet.

  2. It was a heirloom variety but can't remember the specifics. This year I planted Lathyrus odoratus (High Scent) and now that I have written it here I won't have to rely on my memory...yay blog!

  3. Sweet peas were granny and grandpa R's favourites!

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