Tuesday, 11 November 2014


When we built the cedar pergola in our yard, we always planned to grow grapes and kiwis over it.  Our plan has come to fruition and we have been enjoying grapes off of it for a couple of years.

The grape is a hybrid named Himrod.  It is a seedless white grape that is sweet, juicy and tasty.  Himrods ripen in our climate around late August early September.

I'm not really sure how to properly prune a grape but it didn't stop me from climbing up a sketchy step ladder this past weekend and trimming away at it.  From a quick google search of grape pruning it appeared you need to cut back a large percentage of the plant and so that is what I did. 

I only left a few main branches.

I'm still waiting for the kiwis to produce....maybe next year!


  1. Yaaaaaaay grapes!! Thank you for posting this! Looking forward to reading more!

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